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There’s a European telecommunications project called Celtic-Plus. This is an important group consisting of some of the largest telcos in Europe including Telefonica, BT, and Orange.

Over the last few months, this group has been conducting lab trials using Sckipio technology. On Monday, the organization will announce some of those results and some future plans.

Here are the highlights:

  • Sckipio’s technology helped these tier one service providers see up to 170Mbps per copper pair for as far as 480 meters (across 16 active pairs). This is far further than ever recorded or expected.
  • Due to the success of this effort, Celtic Plus is launching a new initiative with two main goals
    • Evaluating the use of as a backhaul technology
    • Initiating a second generation of to support even faster performance
  • The backhaul technology includes support for both mobile (5G) and fixed line (fiber replacement) applications − particularly within dense urban areas in Europe.

A few notes and comments:

  • The backhaul applications being explored will run over existing solutions.
  • The backhaul applications are designed to replace fiber to extend the reach and utility of
  • The higher speed variant of will support more than 200Mhz of bandwidth and this new version will likely take 2-3 three years to become an ITU standard. It is not designed to solve any immediate problems. Rather it is a technical exploration of that which was already proposed in the ITU.

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