Samsung Electronics is teaming up with UQ Communications to demonstrate “the future of Mobile WiMAX” in the form of Samsung’s trial phase of a WiMAX 2 system. Based on the latest revision, the IEEE 802.16m standard protocol, Samsung’s trial of the souped up WiMAX 2 is said to come in at a speed of 330Mb/s. That’s in-line with the WiMAX Forum’s stance on theoretical speeds of WiMAX 2, although we all know real world results tend to be 1/3 to 1/2 of theoretical limits.

Samsung and UQ will be showing a series of Full-HD videos on four LFD (Large Format Display) TVs simultaneously, powered by the WiMAX 2 trial at CEATEC Japan 2010 in Tokyo Oct. 5-9, according to a news release.

“It is expected that the demands for Wireless Broadband will exponentially grow. In this regard, the recognition of real worth of Mobile WiMAX, a true 4G technology, will increase not only in Japan but also around the world,” Akio Nozaka, UQ’s president, was quoted as saying in the news release. ““Technology never stops evolving. As the demand for data bandwidth and speed grows exponentially, technology has needed to respond. Mobile WiMAX opened up the era of Mobile broadband and is already component of many optimized solutions,” added Woonsub Kim, executive vice president and head of telecommunications systems business at Samsung Electronics.

Current WiMAX operators will be able to migrate to WiMAX 2 by upgrading channel cards or their system software. WiMAX 2 has also been designed to be backwards-compatible with its predecessor. Current WiMAX subscribers will be able to tap into WiMAX 2 systems without any difficulties, according to the companies. There’s no clear roadmap for WiMAX 2 deployments, with Clearwire stating they are in no rush to migrate to WiMAX 2.

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