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Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA. July 15, 2014. ADVA Optical Networking announced today that Rural Broadband Services Corporation (RBSC) is using ADVA Optical Networking’s Ethernet Services Suite (ESS) to bring broadband connectivity to extremely underserved areas of the USA. Focusing initially upon Tahlequah, a city in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, RBSC used every aspect of ESS to rapidly rollout a scalable and robust fiber optic network. RBSC’s pioneering approach to introducing high-speed data services to underserved communities will act as a framework for further deployments within Oklahoma and potentially beyond. For the first time in its history, Tahlequah can now provide its residents with access to data-intensive applications, including media streaming, video conferencing and e-learning.

“When you see how broadband connectivity can change a life, how it can change a community, you fully realize the power of networks, the power of data,” said Roy Choates, president and CEO, RBSC. “Our work in Tahlequah is a milestone, not just for our team but for our country. We’re showing the true of value of broadband to extremely underserved rural areas. For the first time, schools, hospitals, local businesses, entire communities are able to access services that so many of us take for granted. What’s more, this is just the start. With the team at ADVA Optical Networking and their ESS, we’re able to develop and deploy networks within an incredibly short amount of time. There are no hassles, no complexities. The ESS team does everything.”

ADVA Optical Networking’s ESS is a range of comprehensive modular customer services that enables service providers to focus purely on meeting customer expectations as opposed to worrying about network complexities. This a la carte approach ensures service providers can develop a tailored package that meets their exacting network demands. No more, no less. In addition to ESS, RBSC is also using ADVA Optical Networking’s Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) team to monitor its network and immediately respond to any issues that may arise. This approach means fixed operating costs and guaranteed performance. As such, RBSC can concentrate solely on driving broadband services to underserved areas and communities, while ADVA Optical Networking’s team ensures successful operations.

RBSC’s focus on rapid network deployment is one of its key differentiators. This speed enables RBSC to seize new business opportunities and swiftly respond to new market demands. For the underserved areas of the USA, this speed is critical. Long overlooked by other service providers, these communities have been unable to take advantage of data connectivity and the associated benefits. Tahlequah is now taking its first steps to fully understanding what a fiber network can do for its businesses, schools, hospitals and other institutions. RBSC will continue to play a key role here, helping Tahlequah’s residents develop into what it calls a ‘smart community’. RBSC will use its success in Tahlequah as a framework for other underserved cities and communities.

“ESS was developed with one goal, with one core objective – to remove all the complexities from developing a network, to enable service providers to focus on their customers, their business,” commented John Scherzinger, senior vice president, North America Sales, ADVA Optical Networking. “RBSC has shown how effective ESS can be, how it can dramatically impact upon communities, upon businesses. Working side-by-side with RBSC, we’ve seen how important broadband connectivity is to the extremely underserved areas of the USA. We’ve seen how it can impact upon almost every aspect of a community. What RBSC has developed in Tahlequah will stand as a clear model of how to rapidly design and deploy a network. It will be exciting to see where RBSC goes next and how it replicates this success.”

Press Release

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