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HOUSTON and BOLIVAR, Texas, Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc. (RTA) announced today that it had completed its acquisition of Texas, Galveston County based Southern Broadband, LLC, (SBB), a rural Fiber and Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).

Southern Broadband serves thousands of customers in the southeast Texas coastal areas including Alvin, Pearland, Clear Lake, Bolivar and eastward to Beaumont, Texas. SBB also offers fiber wholesale services in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

RTA is on a quest to build America’s first dedicated nationwide rural 5G+ and IoT network.  As part of RTA’s strategy to bridge the “Digital Divide” between rural and urban America, RTA is acquiring and merging rural WISP’s to become part of the RTA family.  RTA brings significant value to these rural areas by providing affordable modern services such as gigabit broadband speeds, Voice over IP (VoIP), IPTV and Internet of Things (IoT).

“We (Southern Broadband) couldn’t be more pleased to have RTA as a partner to push our vision of connecting rural America forward. Together we can become the leader in rural broadband, technology, and IoT. Expansion has now become limitless,” said Cody Landrum, SBB’s President and CEO.

Rural America is a multi-Billion-dollar telecommunications market, comprised of 65,000,000 people in over 18,000 towns across America, these people have been left behind in the digital age. Even areas close to major cities like those served by SBB have found themselves unable to have full access to the Internet and its benefits in their daily lives and businesses.

In this announcement of the SBB acquisition, Donald Workman, Chairman of RTA commented, “The acquisition of Southern Broadband represents an exciting step forward towards RTA bridging the Digital Divide in rural America. RTA will leverage the incredible work SBB has accomplished in Southeast Texas for the rest of America.”  RTA said it anticipates more than 10,000 new customers to be added to the SBB network in a short period of time by providing new modern services at affordable rates.

Press Release

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