BroadbandVisionWill all TV content eventually be streamed over the Internet? Steve Shannon, general manager of content and devices at Roku believes so, and that was a recurring message of his keynote address at last week’s BroadbandVision show. Shannon believes that the TV experience will evolve into an app on some form of streaming platform and all TV content will be streamed.

“For most of our users, folks turn to their Roku as the first stop when they sit down on the couch, [and] if they can’t find what they’re after on Roku, then they’ll go to their pay-TV box,” said Shannon in the below on-site interview. “We have thousands of channels on Roku, I mean the selection is awesome.”

Shannon shares these thoughts and others, including the evolving role of the STB and how broadband providers are increasingly turning to Roku for a TV type offer.