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The new Roku Smart Home line product line includes security cameras, video doorbells, lighting, and plugs. The products will be exclusively available in almost 3,500 Walmart stores and corporate websites beginning on Oct. 17.

The integration of home smart home services with the Roku TV operating system will enable users to do such things as see who rang a video doorbell while streaming video. They will be able to watch live streams from Roku cameras and use a Roku voice remote to call up feeds. The offering will be compatible with Roku Voice and third-party voice integrations.

The Roku Smart Home initial lineup consists of a floodlight camera, indoor and outdoor cameras, a 360 degree indoor camera, a video doorbell and chime, white and color smart bulbs, smart light strips and indoor and outdoor smart plugs.

Roku Smart Home cameras will start below $27. The launch includes a mobile app for iOS and Android and a camera subscription plan with cloud video recording history, smart alerts and package delivery notifications.

Roku Smart Home was developed in partnership with Wyze Labs. It features two-factor authentication, user data encryption, secure boot and other security features. They are certified by the ioXt Alliance.

“[T]he Roku platform is used by tens of millions of households, and now we’re extending our ecosystem to include devices and services to power the modern smart home,” Mustafa Ozgen, the president of devices for Roku, said in a press release. “Branching further into the smart home category is a natural extension of our business, and we are proud to partner with Walmart to make the experience simple and affordable.”

Source: Roku website

In August, Deloitte’s “2022 Connectivity and Mobile Trends” found that the average number of entertainment and smart home devices had dipped slightly as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic alleviated slightly. However, even with the dip – from 25 to 22 devices – the home remains a significant opportunity for companies such as Walmart and Roku.

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