ott video platformsAs OTT continues to soar, the number of OTT video platforms for operators does as well. Telecompetitor’s broadbandTV event brought together several OTT platform providers to discuss the varying ways of delivering video in an OTT world.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida based ONE CONNXT  has a long history in the IP video distribution business and has developed an OTT platform, which they provide internationally. ONE CONNXT CTO Chris Lavin participated in the Evolution of OTT panel at broadband TV.

“One Connxt specializes in IP delivery everywhere around the world,” said Lavin in an interview. “We developed our own encoders and our own transport system that allows that to happen [and] because of that, it naturally transforms us to an OTT play.”

ONE CONNXT has a history of distributing sports content and will be involved in the upcoming Summer Olympics.

“We cut our teeth on the high motion video of soccer,” said Lavin. “That is a natural transition for us to serve sports up…from the Olympics this year.”

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