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LEXINGTON, S.C. (June 5, 2024) – Ripple Fiber, a fiber optic internet provider based in the Southeast, is now going live in Lexington, South Carolina. With many in the area gaining access to fiber internet for the first time, over 8,500 residences in the Town of Lexington and areas of Lexington County are now beginning to utilize the innovative technology. Neighborhoods with access to Ripple Fiber include Kenwood and Royal Creek, with many others set to go live in the coming weeks. This milestone marks the establishment of the provider’s first set of customers in the South Carolina market.

“As our network grows, I encourage our team to recognize and appreciate each milestone we accomplish,” says Greg Wilson, CEO of Ripple Fiber. “We are thrilled to transition our project in the Lexington area into the next phase, providing our exceptional fiber internet service to current and future residents.”

Driving digital transformation across the world, fiber internet is a powerful solution that functions at the speed of light. It transmits data through light pulses and is less susceptible to outside interference, making the fiber optic connections uniquely durable and strong. With Ripple Fiber’s future-focused approach, residents will have access to an infrastructure that will power the area for decades to come. Whether subscribers are using their internet for remote work or video streaming, they can rely on this service for exceptional bandwidth and impressive upload and download speeds.

“We are proud to be a part of this market and appreciate the collaboration and communication with local shareholders who have helped us reach this point,” adds Danny Serrano, Regional Executive of Ripple Fiber. “We look forward to not only providing dependable fiber internet, but also proactive customer service.”

With its 10GB-ready network, Ripple Fiber provides thousands of homes with lightning-fast connectivity through the utilization of its fiber optic network and patented software. Its team is dedicated to expanding access and constructing strong infrastructures in communities

nationwide. Embracing optimism and recognizing the importance of digital access, Ripple Fiber strives to empower its customers by equipping them with the necessary tools to build a bright future.

Press Release

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