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New research from NCTA and polling firm Morning Consult found a high level of satisfaction with streaming and the broadband networks that make it possible.

The survey found that 85% of consumers give a positive rating to their home broadband. Virtually the same percentage – 84% – had no problem with either their broadband connection or their streaming during the week before they responded. Sixty percent said that the original content from the platforms was high quality.

The survey of more than 4,400 adults in mid-March found that almost all adults who regularly watch television use a streaming service. Those who do say they subscribe to two or three services.

Netflix is the leading provider, followed by Prime, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, Disney Plus and Max. Eighty percent of those surveyed report that they use streaming to watch movies, documentaries or television shows.

NCTA and Morning Consult found that 48% have “kept a consistent pace” on how much they’ve watched during the past six months. Forty percent have increased their use of streaming.

Sports is a key content category. Seventy-six percent of respondents say they are at least casual fans and 21% say they are avid fans. Fifty-five percent watch sports regularly and 55% use cable or streaming to do so. The “avid” group also has higher incomes and prefers purchasing bundles of channels. Others prefer to purchase by team, game or league.

“The way Americans consume media has transformed over the last decade, with the streaming revolution made possible by decades of investment in broadband infrastructure,” NCTA said in a blog post. “The success for both the streaming ecosystem and audiences demonstrates the transformational power that fast, reliable broadband networks have on innovation.”

The NCTA and Morning Consult news comes just days after another research group also found strong broadband satisfaction. Last week, Hub Entertainment Research reported that 85% of subscribers in a recent survey said their internet service met their needs.

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