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T-Mobile won the download category in the latest Opensignal’s 5G Experience Report with an average 5G speed of 171 Mbps. It was the sixth time in a row T-Mobile took the category. The carrier increased its speed lead over its competitors from 93.9 Mbps to more than 98 Mbps.

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Other key findings in the report:

  • Verizon and AT&T saw improvements in the 5G download speed category compared to the last report. Opensignal says that this was due to deployments in the C-band. Verizon’s score increased 29.7% from 56.2 Mbps to 72.8 Mbps. AT&T’s speed increase from 49.1 Mbps to 53.6 Mbps, an acceleration of 9.1%.
  • T-Mobile was the big winner in the availability and reach categories. The carrier’s customers spent 40.6% of the time with active 5G connections, far greater than AT&T (18.7%) and Verizon (10.6%). In the reach category, T-Mobile scored 7.8 out of 10, which compares favorably to AT&T’s 5.4.
  • Verizon dominated the 5G Games Experience and Voice App Experience categories. In gaming, Verizon scored 76.1, ahead of T-Mobile (72.5) and AT&T (68.3). Indeed, Verizon was the only carrier to finish in the “good” category, which is between 75 and 85. In the voice app experience category, Verizon scored 80.7, beating T-Mobile (79.3) and AT&T (78.7). Verizon was in the “good” category (80-87), with the other two finishing in the acceptable category (74-80).
  • T-Mobile was the winner in the upload category with a speed of 17.8 Mbps. As with downloads, it was the sixth time in a row that it took the category. Verizon was second at 14 Mbps and AT&T third at 10 Mbps. T-Mobile’s lead over Verizon, 3.8 Mbps, was the same as in the previous report.

The report was based on the subscribers’ 5G experience from March 16 to June 13, 2022.

T-Mobile won the download speed, availability, reach and upload speed categories in the Opensignal 5G Experience Report that was released in October, 2021.

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