children on smartphoneIt’s no secret that teenagers love their devices, their smartphones in particular, but it’s worth noting that smartphone penetration among children continues to surge. And it’s not just teenagers anymore. According to an eMarketer report, 88.3% of teens aged 12 to 17 will have mobile phones this year, and among that population, 84% will have smartphones.

But the trend is moving downward (in age speak), with smartphone penetration among children surging as well. According to the report, roughly 50% of children aged 0 – 11 will have a smartphone by 2020, up from 41% in 2016.

smartphone penetration among children
Source: eMarketer

“Thus, for this whole age bracket, smartphone penetration will be 74.2%,” reports eMarketer in a post discussing the data. “That is up sharply from 2013, when just under half of this age cohort had smartphones.”

The age group with the current highest smartphone penetration of 95.2% is adults aged 25 – 34, followed closely by adults aged 18 – 24 at 94.9%. By 2020, the 18-24 age group will surpass all other categories, with 99% penetration.

Smartphone penetration among children is currently at 41%, followed closely by adults aged over 65 at 44%. Interestingly enough, smartphone penetration among seniors aged 65 and higher will grow faster than children (and any other age group), reaching 55.4% by 2020, a growth rate of 25%.

Image courtesy of flickr user Kyle Mahaney.

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