smartphone researchSmartphone shopping has surged over the past year, with retailers’ websites that have been optimized for mobile device access showing a 111.3 percent year-over-year increase in revenue from smartphone-generated visits, according to the latest monthly release of the Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index.

Surveying a broad range of retailers making use of its mobile commerce platform, including apparel, health and beauty and home goods, Branding Brand’s May 2014 Mobile Commerce Index shows that smartphone visits across 26 of its clients jumped 69.4 percent, rising from 12.6 million in May 2013 to 21.37 million in May 2014. Smartphone orders nearly doubled, rising 98.2 percent, from 105.6 thousand to 209.2 thousand, while smartphone revenue more than doubled, increasing 111.3 percent, from $8.79 million to $18.58 million year over year.

Sales by Smartphone
According to Branding Brand, smartphones generated 33.4 percent of total online visits to its retailers’ websites in May (62.2% iOS; 37% Android). That’s up 49.1 percent from May 2013. Desktop computer visits, in contrast, dropped 20.2 percent.

“Smartphone makers are battling to the death for market share; but, in the end, it’s the user who wins,” said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. “Apple’s announcement of iOS 8 this week only fuels consumer expectations for innovation; and as technology continues to improve, so will mobile commerce. Every iota of data we’ve generated points to the unmistakable fact that shoppers are on the verge of utilizing mobile as their primary gateway to retailers.”

For more, check out the report on Branding Brand’s website.

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