Americans consume more media via mobile devices than any other type of consumer electronic (CE) device— TV and PCs included, according to research findings from InMobi and OnDevice. Their findings revealed that mobile ranks first in media consumption among Americans, with 2.4 of the 9 hours spent consuming media on mobile devices in 2Q 2012. That puts mobile media consumption slightly above that for TV (2.35 hours) and PCs (1.6 hours), the authors of this research suggest.

Three convenience factors in large part have driven American consumers’ to take to mobile devices so quickly and to the extent they have, according to InMobi-OnDevice’s analysis. Some 65% of users say they prefer mobile because “it’s easy to use”; 56% say they use mobile more than other devices because they always have one with them. Thirdly, many agreed that mobile devices are a more private way of consuming information and communicating.

The three factors combine and lead Americans to use their mobile devices while engaging in other activities, including watching TV. That’s confirmation that for Americans, mobile devices are “always-on” connected devices, the market research firms say.

Americans are also using their mobile devices more often and more consistently during the day, according to the report: 71% are using mobile search to better keep up-to-date and 64% stay connected using mobile Internet connections.

U.S. mobile users are typically in casual settings when using their devices, InMobi and OnResearch found: 77% use them while lying in bed and 65% while waiting for something. This corresponds with the data the market researchers obtained on mobile usage time frames that shows most mobile device usage occurs during early morning and early evening hours, as well as throughout the evening.

American mobile users are also getting more accustomed to mobile ads: 59% of consumers said they’d been influenced by them as compared to 57% that said they’d been influenced by TV ads. Mobile advertising’s also proving to be effective: 53% of US mobile users admitted they’d been introduced to something new via their device, while 21% said they had made purchases using their mobile device. The findings make “mobile media consumption the most influential channel for U.S. consumer’s purchasing decision process from beginning to end,” according to InMobi-OnResearch.

M-Commerce grew 21% in less than a year, the two point out, up from 38% to 59% since 4Q 2011. M-commerce purchases now extend beyond digital goods and now includes physical goods, services and bill payments. It’s predicted that 71% of American consumers will spend money on a mobile-related activity over the next year.

“We expect the trend of ever increasing media consumption on mobile devices to continue, and even accelerate as advances in mobile rich media deepens user engagement by offering a better overall user experience,” commented Anne Frisbie, InMobi VP and managing director, North America. “Marketers are taking notice and are increasingly investing in mobile to target consumers where they are spending most of their time consuming media.”

Offering some advice to marketers, InMobi says they “can optimize their mobile strategies by integrating mobile campaigns into other channels, including pairing in-app and mobile Web advertising with promotions in physical retail stores, and online print and advertising.”

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