WiFi Hotspot 2.0

Google WiFi numbered among a new slate of recently announced hardware solutions. A modular home wireless broadband networking solution, it’s designed to provide scalable, integrated WiFi in the home of the highest possible quality, market research specialist TDG (The Diffusion Group) explains, adding that this is ¨the right approach at the right time.¨

“Whole-home networks were available 15 years ago, but they required professional installation, were cost prohibitive, and their capabilities far exceeded mainstream usage models,” TDG co-founder and research director Michael Greeson notes. “At that time Internet-connected devices were limited to personal computers, primarily desktops, and LAN traffic consisted of Word documents and Excel files sent over Ethernet. Wi-Fi and LAN video were unproven.”

Source: TDG
Source: TDG

Fast forward in time and the number of video screens – TVs, PCs, tablets, smartphones – installed in U.S. homes on average is approaching eight, Greeson continues.

“As TDG first predicted nearly 13 years ago, broadband has become a household utility, with home networks integral to its functionality,¨ he was quoted in a company news release. ¨Today these technologies define the digital architecture of 21st century home, a reality not lost on Google.”


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