Set-Top-BoxAmericans continue to snap up digital video recorders (DVRs): 47% of U.S. TV households now have DVRs, up from 40% in 2010, according to a new report from Leichtman Research Group (LRG).

Moreover, fully half (50%) of those with DVRs have a DVR service on more than one TV set. That’s up from 30% five years ago. Some 23% have DVR service on more than one TV set as compared to 20% last year and 8% five years ago, according to LRG’s “On-Demand TV 2013: A Nationwide Study on VOD and DVRs,  an LRG press release said.

In addition, LRG market researchers found that 70% of U.S. households have a DVR, subscribe to Netflix, or use Video On-Demand (VOD) from a cable or telco provider. Twenty-three percent are using two of these services and 11% are using all three.


Other key takeaways from LRG’s report include:

  • 55% of households that subscribe to a multi-channel video service have a DVR — compared to 4% of TV households that do not subscribe to a multi-channel video service
  • 58% of households with annual household incomes above $50,000 have a DVR — compared to 30% with incomes  below $50,000
  • 61% of all cable subscribers have used VOD — compared to 43% in 2008, and 10% in 2004
  • 62% of digital cable subscribers, and 57% of Telco video subscribers, used on-Demand in the past month. 29% of Netflix subscribers stream video daily, and 70% weekly — up from 10% daily, and 43% weekly in 2010
  • Netflix subscribers report watching, on average, 19.6 TV shows per month — up from 12.7 in 2012, and 9.9 in 2011
  • The mean annual income of those who use all three services (DVR, Netflix, and VOD) is $96,900 — 90% above the mean income of those who use none of the services

“The ways to watch video in non-traditional forms have dramatically expanded over the past decade. In 2004, 3% of all households had a DVR; 10% of cable subscribers had ever used VOD; and Netflix did not exist yet,” elaborated LRG president and principal analyst Bruce Leichtman. “Today, 70% of households use at least one of these services, and over one-third of all households use more than one of these on-demand services.”

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