iPhone5Previous-generation, or non-4G, smartphones still generate 70% of smartphone web traffic across North America, according to new research results from online advertising network provider Chitika.

4G smartphones account for about 30% of total traffic from all North American smartphones, Chitika Insights found. Among 4G smartphone users, those using newer smartphones – “specifically those introduced after July 2012, generated 53% of continental 4G smartphone traffic.”

Furthermore, network traffic generated by Apple iPhone 5 users was clearly evident, accounting for 40% of total traffic from 4G phones released after July 2012.


The results, which were gleaned from a study of tens of million of smartphone-based online ad impressions recorded on the Chitika network from June 1-June 13, 2013, indicate that users of newer 4G phones drive more network traffic than those who own older models, despite those being on the market for a much longer period.

While Apple and Samsung dominate the 4G smartphone market, there’s still substantial growth potential in North America, according to Chitika, as 70% of smartphone traffic in North America comes from non-4G users.

Adding to the potential, carriers continue to expand their 4G capabilities vendors are offering price incentives on various smartphone models, suggesting that “it’s likely that many users will convert to a 4G device sometime in the near future.”

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