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Technology advances in IPTV video have changed drastically since 2001 when Midwest Video Solutions started offering regional IPTV headend services, and in a move to provide consumers with more competitive features, MVS has added Innovative Systems’ IPTV Middleware platform.

MVS provides multiple IPTV and Cable video services for  26 companies in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois.  According to Executive Director Marty Snustead, the decision to switch to the Innovative Systems IPTV solutions was based on an impressive list of service provider references and the delivery and deployment of advanced user experience features. Snustead says the solid reputation earned by Innovative for their support and tightly integrated feature sets that work, right out of the box, made the decision to switch an easy one.

Time Shifted Viewing is the new Customer Default

Snustead adds, “The ability to offer timeshifted viewing features like Restart TV and Cloud DVR  puts our company on the same feature level as someone receiving service on the Xfinity platform.” Snustead admits that rural competition is not as intense as it is in the urban markets, but says it’s far better to be offering these advanced features now rather than playing catch up later on down the road.

MVS Has Realistic Growth Goals

Unlike some companies in the video delivery business who try to provide service nationally, MVS is taking a more realistic approach. Snustead says their target will be on serving companies in the midwest who who have needs for various video transport services. While technically they could deliver service as far away as Florida, Snustead says this core focus allows them to preserve their reputation as a reliable provider.

Press Release

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