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Company targets wireless service providers with fiber-based Ethernet to cell sites

DENVER, Sept. 15, 2009 – Qwest Communications (NYSE: Q) ( today announced the launch of its new fiber-based, Ethernet backhaul service designed for wireless service providers (WSPs). By leveraging Qwest’s fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) deployment, Qwest Mobile Ethernet Backhaul extends fiber to cellular sites in order to accommodate the increasing demands of next-generation mobile technologies such as smart phones, laptops, netbooks and other bandwidth-demanding devices.


* The new service provides incremental, scalable bandwidth to WSPs, enabling them to increase capacity to cell sites on an as-needed basis.

* Bandwidth to cell sites is managed primarily through software, rather than equipment upgrades in the field, which helps to contain costs, simplify operations and accelerate provisioning times.

* Available in two Ethernet models, the service can be dedicated or shared to meet the unique needs of individual WSPs.

* Qwest Mobile Ethernet Backhaul is ideal for WSPs interested in migrating from traditional SONET backhaul services to the flexibility of Ethernet.

* Wireless service providers rely on terrestrial-based networks to deliver traffic to and from mobile devices across the globe. Qwest Mobile Ethernet Backhaul provides the connectivity between cell sites and Qwest’s next-generation network backbone and other communication networks, enabling communication and data services to reach their destinations worldwide.


Roland Thornton, executive vice president, Qwest Wholesale Markets

“Wireless users seem to have an insatiable appetite for bandwidth, whether they’re watching videos, sending pictures to friends, playing games online – you name it. As new, enhanced personal mobile devices begin to flood the market, wireless service providers need to be able to keep pace with growing bandwidth demands. Qwest’s Ethernet backhaul services provide wireless service providers a smart, scalable solution to help manage their growing needs.”

Dr. Judy Reed Smith, chief executive officer and founder, ATLANTIC-ACM

“Qwest Mobile Ethernet Backhaul is a great example of Qwest Wholesale’s commitment to continuous improvement of the customer experience. Using feedback from wireless customers, Qwest tailored the service to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth demands brought on by the influx of mobile devices and emerging wireless technologies such as 4G, LTE and WiMax.”

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