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HERNDON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pulsecom, a leading manufacturer of TDM and Ethernet access solutions, today announced that their Next Generation Access Products have received RUS technical acceptance from the Technical Standards Committee A (Telecommunications) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Pulsecom Next Generation Access Products simplify last mile access to SONET and Ethernet services by working with existing networks. Unlike earlier software-based and shelf-based systems that are limited by shelf capabilities and capacity, Pulsecom’s unique plug-and-play building blocks are suited for virtually any mix of TDM and IP services at virtually any location.

Widely deployed for both cellular backhaul and high-speed business services, Pulsecom’s Access Products are optimized for low to mid-range line sizes while providing the flexibility to address long spans and harsh environments associated with non-urban networks.

“The benefits of using Pulsecom equipment are immediate – preserve cash, accelerate installations and simplify support – without compromising long term evolution to higher bandwidths,” states Dave Corp, Director, Pulsecom Engineering and Marketing. “Pulsecom Next Generation Access Products enable service providers to justify high-speed services even in remote, thin route applications by leveraging existing resources. Old overlay or forklift upgrade approaches are often cost prohibitive when it comes to medium or small applications.”

RUS provides financial programs to rural service providers so that they may advance their communications infrastructure using equipment like Pulsecom’s Access Products. The RUS List of Acceptable Material (Access Equipment) includes Pulsecom’s DS1, DS3, Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet access modules, housings and power systems.

Press Release

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