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Running a telecommunications business today is getting more and more complex, with increased growth, regulations and competition. With all that complexity, you need a technology partner that can provide a complete solution that simply automates across every system – customer service and billing, mapping and staking, and accounting and payroll. 

“NISC’s true enterprise software goes from the front end of your business to the back end of your business,” said Fred Johnson, CEO of Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative in Alabama. “We don’t have time to piece together puzzles, so to have a software suite that fundamentally takes care of everything from the dollar that comes into the door to the dollar that’s expended out in the field allows you to concentrate on running the business.

“It allows us to operate at a level of efficiency I don’t think we could completely appreciate unless we had to do without it for a day. The level of automation from the beginning of the process to the end of the process is phenomenal as are the efficiencies it’s brought to our organization.”

The key to end-to-end processing is that individual products within the solution are built from the ground up as an integrated suite, ensuring all modules are communicating together. At NISC, all of our products share a common data set, eliminating the need for entering data twice within the solution set. The entire Enterprise solution upgrades at the platform level, so individual applications are never out of sync – and always up to date. The routine upgrades are tested at the Enterprise level, making the integrations consistent and reliable.

Enterprise Solutions Allow You to Concentrate on Running Your Business

Telecommunications businesses also need a technology partner that focuses on service after the sale to ensure they are getting the most out of their solutions. When becoming an NISC Member, we are committed to making sure your business runs as effectively and efficiently as possible, and we’re here to help when you need it.

“One thing I can say about NISC that I can say about very few business partners, is that they’ve never broken a promise to me,” Johnson said. “They’ve never promised me something that they ultimately didn’t deliver. You don’t keep your promises to your customers unless that’s important to you.” 

From world-class support to online and in-person training, NISC wants to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solutions. Our Members serve on both our Board of Directors and Member Advisory Committees that help drive the development of our software. NISC is committed to research, development and quality of the latest in technology to ensure your solutions not only solve today’s challenges but are positioned to solve tomorrow’s as well.

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