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Cambridge, Nebraska — March 26, 2024 — Pinpoint Communications, Inc., a leading provider of broadband and telecommunications services, is proud to announce its successful bids in the NUSF 131 Reverse Auction Funds. This significant achievement marks the continued growth and Pinpoint’s commitment to bridging the digital divide in rural Nebraska.

The NUSF 131 Reverse Auction Funds will enable Pinpoint Communications, Inc. to expand its Fiber to the Home (FTTH) internet services, offering speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps), to unserved and underserved locations across Southeast and South Central Nebraska. With this funding, Pinpoint will enhance connectivity and empower residents with high-speed fiber internet access, unlocking opportunities for education, telemedicine, business growth and community development. 

“We are thrilled with the results of the reverse auction the Nebraska Public Service Commission has implemented. Pinpoint has been active in seeking funding to deploy fiber to the home in rural areas for many years and this program is a continued example of how companies when given access to these funds can truly serve these rural Nebraskans,” said Tom Shoemaker, President of Pinpoint Communications, Inc. “This investment underscores our dedication to advancing rural connectivity and ensuring that all Nebraskans have access to reliable, high-speed internet services. With this support, we are poised to accelerate our efforts in narrowing the digital divide and fostering economic prosperity across the state.”

Pinpoint Communications, Inc., has a long-standing commitment to serving rural communities, and the NUSF 131 Reverse Auction Funds will further bolster its efforts. By deploying state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure, Pinpoint aims to provide residents and businesses in rural areas with access to fast, reliable, and affordable broadband services, thereby unlocking the full potential of digital technology. 

The significance of this funding extends beyond technological advancement; it represents a tangible step towards creating more equitable opportunities for all Nebraskans. Pinpoint Communications, Inc., is dedicated to leveraging this support to drive positive change, empower communities, and foster inclusive growth across the state.

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Press Release

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