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PETALUMA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calix, Inc. (NYSE:CALX) today announced that Parker Fibernet, preferred service provider to the $26 million Appalachian Valley Fiber Network (AVFN) Broadband Stimulus initiative, will deploy Calix Unified Access systems to connect this middle-mile network to residential, business, and anchor institution subscribers across northwestern Georgia and eastern Alabama. Upon completion of AVFN’s expansive Broadband Stimulus initiative that will cover 12 rural counties with a robust middle-mile backbone, Parker Fibernet will leverage the EXA Powered C7 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP) and E7 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP), as well as the 700 family of optical network terminals (ONTs), to facilitate the availability of fiber access services to the 144,000 residences, 8,300 businesses, and 185 anchor institutions passed by this network. Subscribers to Parker Fibernet’s Calix-enabled services will be able to receive up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) of advanced broadband connectivity delivered via gigabit passive optical network (GPON), Active Ethernet (AE), and point-to-point Ethernet technologies.

“We are extremely excited to complement the ambitious AVFN Broadband Stimulus initiative, which will bring a powerful broadband network infrastructure to be leveraged by the citizens, businesses, and anchor institutions of the region,” said David Parker, CEO of Parker Fibernet. “As this robust infrastructure provides a ‘super highway’ throughout a 12-county region, we are asking our close partner Calix to provide the ‘on-ramps’ to this infrastructure for our current and potential subscribers. Calix has been a key vendor to us in the past, and we know that the company’s technology is the perfect choice to meet the immediate and long-term fiber access needs of this important initiative.”

The $26 million AVFN Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) middle-mile initiative is a public-private partnership between Parker Fibernet and several government agencies in Georgia and Alabama. Funds for this middle-mile initiative will install 182 miles of new fiber and lease 287 miles of dark fiber to complement Parker Fibernet’s existing resources. In turn, the network will interconnect with as many as five regional last-mile providers who have committed to using the new network to bring affordable high-speed services to rural and underserved households and businesses in the region.

The Ethernet eXtensible Architecture (EXA) Powered C7 and E7 will provide Parker Fibernet with extensive flexibility in meeting the service requirements of the region’s residences and businesses. The C7 and E7 can be deployed in a complementary fashion to support high and low density GPON, AE, and point-to-point Ethernet services, as well as a wide array of advanced residential and business services. Complemented by the industry’s broadest ONT portfolio, the 700 family of ONTs, Parker Fibernet can leverage Calix solutions to designed to accommodate virtually any fiber access deployment scenario.

“The AVFN initiative is a great example of how middle-mile Stimulus initiatives can act as regional broadband catalysts, laying a foundation upon which service providers can implement advanced broadband services,” said John Colvin, vice president of field operations at Calix. “We would like to congratulate both AVFN and Parker Fibernet on having the foresight to invest in the promise of broadband, and in doing so lay the foundations for economic and social development in rural Georgia and Alabama. Calix is honored to be playing a major role again in bringing this advanced communications infrastructure to the area, and looks forward to continuing to work closely with Parker Fibernet to bring new economic development and an improved quality of life to the region.”

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