streaming videoHouseholds in which at least one person is a member of Generation X (roughly 35-49) and those with children (17 and under) are much more likely to stream video and other over-the-top content. More than half (54 percent) of homes with kids view OTT content on TV sets as compared to 40 percent of all U.S. TV households, according to GfK Home Technology Monitor’s ¨2015 Ownership and Trend Report.¨

GfK research reveals that streaming video is now the third-most popular online activity, ranking behind social networking and online shopping, the market research provider highlights in a press release.

OTT Video Demographics
Households with children are also significantly more likely than those without to make use of all four Internet-connected devices – smart TV sets, Blu-ray players, video game controllers and streaming media players – that enable viewers to watch OTT content via TV sets.

Breaking out the data according to ethnic and racial groups, GfK found that Hispanics (42 percent) and Whites (40 percent) view OTT content via TV sets at about the national average. At 29 percent, African-Americans do so to a significantly lesser extent.

In addition, Hispanics are much more likely than Whites to use smart TVs and video game controllers to view OTT content on their TV sets.

“The old stereotype of an OTT viewer hunched over a laptop or tablet is very much out of date,” David Tice, SVP in GfK’s Media and Entertainment practice, was quoted as saying.

“Rapid adoption of smart TVs and digital media players over the past three years has pushed OTT to the biggest screens in the home, with attendant expectations from consumers that OTT quality should be as good as regular TV service, and as easy to use as mobile OTT options.”

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