mobile video technology promises to deliver ultra-broadband capabilities over existing copper infrastructure to the home and business. The explosion in video consumption, particularly OTT video delivered in a unicast fashion to individual subscribers, is helping make the case for telcos to take a look at for scenarios where leveraging existing copper is desirable.

At Telecompetitor’s recent broadbandTV event, Sckipio vice president of marketing Michael Weissman outlined how OTT video and broadbandTV are generating explosive demand for bandwidth, which telcos must address to remain competitive.

“The video market is exploding and video consumption is exploding, but the nature of how we consume video is changing,” said Weissman. “Today over half of the traffic is what they call unicast, and what that means is that it is ad hoc content, coming in a way that is unpredictable for the telcos and as the younger generation is using more mobile devices, think like an iPad or something like that, an iPad, a retina iPad is a 4K device and services like Netflix can stream at that ultraHD rate, and that has huge implications to how the telcos need to provision their networks to support that kind of capability.”

Weissman revealed that technology is ahead of schedule in terms of a deployment roadmap and initial lab testing has revealed a broader application for the technology, including potential rural market applications.

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