T-Mobile is continuing its general dominance over the two other major wireless carriers on network performance, according to the Opensignal report covering the period from March 16 to June 13 of this year.

Most strikingly, T-Mobile increased its score in the Download Speed Experience category to 97.1 Mbps, a hike of 17.6 Mbps (22.1%) over its previous score and an increase over second place AT&T. Previously T-Mobile’s lead over AT&T was 41.3 Mbps but it is now 57 Mbps. T-Mobile has had the top spot in the category for four consecutive reports – and has improved its lead each time.

Opensignal said T-Mobile also won the Upload Speed Experience with a score 11.7 Mbps. Its margin over Verizon increased from 2.8 Mbps to 3.4 Mbps.

T-Mobile also won the Consistency category, which is new. The company had a score of 79.8%. Verizon was the runner up at 76.7% and AT&T third at 75.2%. The category assesses the network’s ability to support more demanding applications and includes measures of download speed, upload speed, latency, jitter, packet loss and time to first byte.

Another new category is Live Video Experience, which also saw T-Mobile with the highest score — 47.3 points out of 100. Verizon was second with 45.4 points. The category “measures the experience of streaming live events such as watching sports games in real-time, concerts or game streaming,” wrote Senior Analyst and report author Robert Wyrzkowski. It uses metrics such as initial delay, total stall time and live offset, which is the difference between real-time and the current playback position that a viewer sees.

One category with bad news for T-Mobile was Voice App Experience. Although T-Mobile won the category last year, Verizon edged out T-Mobile this year with a score of 77.4 compared to T-Mobile’s 77.3 points.

AT&T also got a bit of good news with a win in the Availability category. It scored 99.4%, with Verizon at 99.2% and T-Mobile at 98.3%. AT&T’s 0.3 percentage point improvement was the most of the three carriers.

In all, T-Mobile won six categories and AT&T and Verizon one each.

Opensignal said last October that the emergence of C-band spectrum could be a powerful weapon as AT&T and Verizon sought to catch up to T-Mobile. There is no sign in the report released this week that it is happening, however.

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