tablet videoMore than one-third (34 percent) of online videos viewed worldwide flowed through to mobile smartphone and tablet screens in 4Q 2014, highlighting another quarter of impressive growth, according to Ooyala’s “Q4 2014 Global Video Index” report.

Increased production and greater consumer uptake of large-screen smartphones was a significant growth factor in the impressive gains in mobile video viewing registered in 4Q, Ooyala, a provider of online video platforms, software, analytics and services says.

Online Video Views on Mobile Devices
Mobile video views jumped 15 percent from November to December last year alone, and increased 114 percent since December, 2013. Smartphone and tablet video views represented 385 of total views in December — the highest percentage  since Ooyala began publishing its Global Video Index reports.

Over the longer term, smartphone and tablet video plays doubled year-over-year in 2014. They’ve risen five-times over 2012 levels and 16-times since 2011, Ooyala highlights in its latest report.

“Driven by a plethora of new premium over-the-top (OTT) services, continued adoption of iOS and Android tablets, TV companion devices and mobile phones — such as the iPhone 6 family with its large displays for better video viewing — mobile is in fact not only the future as [Vice Media co-founder and CEO Shane] Smith suggests, but an increasingly dominant part of the present,” the authors of Ooyala’s latest quarterly Global Video Index report assert.

Ooyala highlights good news for PCs from the wealth of anonymized data on online video viewing and advertising it collected for its Q4 2014 Global Video Index report. PCs “lead the way in video ad fill rates,” Ooyala points out.

In addition, Ooyala’s latest market research reveals that tablet users “are spending 70 percent of their viewing time with videos longer than 10 minutes.” Tablet users also spend more time than users of other device types watching video content ranging in duration from 30-60 minutes.

But it was ConnecTV users who spent the largest percentage of their video viewing time watching long-form videos lasting more than 60 minutes. That measurement was 41%.

Turning to trends in video advertising, Ooyala found that PCs led the way in terms of ad impressions for broadcasters and publishers. Ad impressions on mobile phones ranked second, as those devices “continue to gain ground and take share from PCs.”

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