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Ookla, in its third-quarter market report, says that Verizon again provides the fastest fixed broadband service in the United States with a Speed Score of 178.38 Mbps.

The firm found that T-Mobile had the fastest and “most consistent” mobile service with a median download speed of 62.35 Mbps and a consistency score of 84.4%. The consistency test measures the percentage of time that users can get speeds of at least 5/1 Mbps.

T-Mobile won in the 5G-only speed category with a median 5G download speed of 135.17 Mbps, a significant increase over the 99.84 Mbps it had during the second quarter. T-Mobile also had the best 5G available score at 64.4%.

The 5G consistency category was close. Verizon Wireless finished at 78.8%, T-Mobile at 78.4% and AT&T at 73.8%.

The Ookla report also deals with some specific devices and locales. Among the highlights: The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro were the fastest devices. The Pro Max had a median download speed of 95.96 Mbps and the Pro 94.72 Mbps.

Source: Ookla Speed Test

Pittsburgh had the fastest median mobile download speed in the country at 82.94 Mbps. Austin had the fasted fixed download speed among the most populous cities in the country with a median speed of 196.28 Mbps.

Last month, The Speedtest Global Index reported that global mean download speed on fixed and mobile networks had increased significantly between July 2020 and July 2021. Fixed networks were up by 31.9% and mobile networks by 59.5% during that period. The United States was not in the top ten countries in either category.

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