Cox is the third quarter fixed broadband download speed champ at a shade over 260 Mbps, according to Ookla’s third-quarter Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis U.S. report. It was followed by Charter Spectrum (245.88 Mbps), Comcast Xfinity (236.07 Mbps), AT&T  Internet (234.20 Mbps), Frontier (205.82 Mbps), Altice Optimum (203.45 Mbps) and Verizon (184.86 Mbps).

AT&T Internet took the top place in the upload category at 188.60 Mbps. It was followed by AT&T Internet (188.60 Mbps), Frontier (169.66 Mbps), Verizon (91.36 Mbps), Cox (30.60 Mbps), Altice Optimum (29.16 Mbps), Comcast Xfinity (22.30 Mbps) and Charter Spectrum (14.82 Mbps).

Florida was the fastest state, with a median download speed of 240.3 Mbps. It was followed by Rhode Island (median download speed 229.8 Mbps), Connecticut (229.2 Mbps), Hawaii (226.3 Mbps), and Nevada (226.7 Mbps).

The fastest cities were:

  1. Raleigh, NC (Google Fiber was fastest provider. City median download speed 291.53 Mbps; median upload speed 87.65 Mbps)
  2. Irvine, CA (Google Fiber fastest. Median download 276.40 Mbps; median upload 82.06 Mbps)
  3. North Las Vegas, NV (Cox fastest. Median download 271.50 Mbps; median upload 36.41 Mbps)
  4. Corpus Christi TX (AT&T Internet fastest. Median download 270.25 Mbps; median upload 23.23 Mbps)
  5. Henderson, NV (Cox fastest; Median download 268.48 Mbps; median upload 52.85 Mbps)
  6. El Paso, TX (top provider not noted. Median download 267.35 Mbps; median upload 21.10 Mbps)
  7. Durham, NC (top provider not noted. Median download 266.72 Mbps; median upload 23.12 Mbps)
  8. Gilbert, AZ (Cox fastest; Median download 265.40 Mbps; median upload 46.20 Mbps)
  9. Wichita, KS (AT&T Internet fastest. Median download 264.30 Mbps; median upload 39.95 Mbps)
  10. Austin, TX (Google Fiber fastest. Median download 264.28 Mbps; median upload 39.62 Mbps)

The report also looked at mobile speeds. T-Mobile had the top download speed at 163.59 Mbps. It was followed by Verizon Wireless (75.68 Mbps) and AT&T (72.64 Mbps). The fastest uploads also were offered by T-Mobile, with speed of 11.31 Mbps. It was followed by Verizon Wireless (8.66 Mbps) and AT&T (7.00 Mbps).

Charter Spectrum had the fastest fixed broadband with download speeds of 234.80 Mbps during the first quarter of 2023. It was followed by Xfinity (232.85 Mbps), Cox (219.20 Mbps), Altice Optimum (195.97 Mbps) and Frontier (190.15 Mbps).

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