ResortNet LLC, a broadband and cable provider focused on the multi dwelling unit (MDU) market, has acquired the assets of Broadband MDU, another provider of broadband and video services targeting MDUs.

Broadband MDU focuses on southern Florida. The acquisition of Broadband MDU suits ResortNet’s strategy “to provide the most cost-effective and reliable service set to multi-tenant unit properties and destination locations,” a press release about the deal notes. 

ResortNet is based in Colorado and provides services to private communities, hotels, senior living facilities and municipalities. Vice President of Sales Bryon Wentzlaff said that the acquisition was driven by Broadband MDU’s “strong portfolio of bulk customers” and experienced employees.  

The company said that the acquisition makes ResortNet a “coast-to-coast” provider, though it does not claim to operate in every state.

Other providers focused on the MDU market include STELLAR Broadband and Starry.

STELLAR Broadband has been serving MDUs in Michigan and elsewhere for more than 20 years. Bill Knapp, STELLAR’s vice president of business development, told Telecompetitor last year that serving MDUs is a good model.

“We started in 2001, delivering fiber gigabit to off-campus housing at Michigan State University,” he told us. “It just grew organically from there, expanding our client base and geography to serve all forms of dense housing developments.”

Starry provides a variation on that theme. It combines fixed wireless access (FWA) and a building’s existing coaxial distribution infrastructure to serve MDU units.

This is far less expensive than deploying fiber. Starry aims at large buildings that don’t have an overbuilder already challenging incumbent service providers. Although the company went through a bankruptcy, management says it is on track to reach free cash flow positive status.

Google Fiber also is in the MDU space. The company acquired FWA provider Webpass in 2016. In December 2022, Google Fiber said Webpass technology would be used for backhauling in an MDU offering based on hybrid fiber/wireless networking.

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