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August 9, 2017 – Delhi, NY – DTC General Manager Jason Miller stated that while their IPTV video service may not be the cheapest, they wanted it to be the best, and for that reason they have converted to the Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware solution. With a mission statement of community, technology and service, this one hundred twenty year old company knew they had to improve their customers’ video viewing experience if they wanted to stay in the video business.

According to Miller, loyalty to the local provider only goes so far and customer frustration with the video experience was reaching a breaking point. Miller adds, “The Innovative Systems solution just works and we have seen a significant reduction in trouble calls which is like money in the bank with fewer truck rolls.”

Miller commented on how Innovative Systems field-tests software upgrades through a live IPTV headend before deploying it to the service provider and how this practice gives companies like DTC a great level of comfort that the upgrade process will go seamlessly.

Subscription Model a Game Changer for Small Operators
According to Miller, “Innovative Systems willingness to work with smaller providers like us by offering a subscription based model is what drove us to their middleware. He adds, “Highly competitive user experience features like Restart TV, the Weather App and What’s Hot shows our customers that DTC is not going to be outplayed by any competitors when it comes to future forward video technology.

Press Release

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