TelcoVideoNRTC unveiled a new video programming brand, TelcoVideo, which partners with NTCA to target telcos with video programming rights for both IPTV and traditional RF/coax cable distribution. NRTC began their terrestrial telco video effort back in the 2006/2007 timeframe by partnering with NTCA as the exclusive distributor of the now defunct SES AMERICOM IP Prime service to the telco sector. Recently, NRTC invested in the Avail Media – TVN merger, resulting in the new Avail-TVN.

For the time being, NRTC is focused exclusively on programming, and not on an end-to-end integrated IPTV solution. They compete with Telechannel, a unit of 4Com, and to a lesser extent, the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), both of whom also offer programming only packages. Confusion still reigns regarding NCTC’s intentions regarding telcos. NRTC also says they plan to offer marketing support services and an “online business center to help telcos run their video businesses.”

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