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Jun 17, 2016  — NRTC has a new look. Go to and you will see a new logo and a totally redesigned website with a modern look, vibrant colors and reflecting a rededication to advancing new technologies in rural America.

At the same time, NRTC continues its 30-year search for new technologies to benefit our rural members. As we announced earlier this year, the new tagline to go with our new logo is “Member Driven. Technology Focused.” That’s a trusty, old principle rearticulated with energy.

“The words ‘technology’ and ‘cooperative’ come together in NRTC,” said CEO Tim Bryan. “Solar power … over-the-top video … broadband to the home and businesses over fiber. It’s a thrilling time in technology and the ultimate satisfaction is working together with our members to make these advancements available across America.”

The new website includes several eye-catching highlights:

  • Solutions pages provide summaries of the many combinations of Utility, Broadband, Wireless and Video technologies that NRTC and its partners can assemble to fit individual members’ needs. The same section describes how NRTC provides Customer and Marketing Support, Project and Vendor Management, and Training services to complement technology solutions.
  • A new Member Impact section is a multimedia array of specific case studies where NRTC Wireless, Video, Smart Grid and Broadband solutions made a difference for members and their communities. It also takes a look at NRTC’s solar solutions, one of our more exciting new projects.
  • NRTC’s blog, Rural Connect, carries over from the old website to the new. As with all other parts of the new website, you’ll find the blog has a sharper small-screen presentation for mobile users.
  • News/Events bring you up to date on the latest major developments at NRTC. It also lets you see the coming industry events where you will be able to meet with an NRTC representative.

One of the first things NRTC members should do is look for the “Login” prompt in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you have an existing NRTC password, it will take you directly to the new NRTC Member Portal, the clearinghouse for a vast amount of information about your interactions with NRTC.

A Message Center on the Dashboard will include short messages from NRTC of interest to all members. The Dashboard also includes a “Profile” section where members can update contact information and other co-op details quickly and easily online. The Report Center has copies of past NRTC annual reports and the minutes from past annual meetings and board meetings. The Media Library allows you to search for detailed information about NRTC solutions and its partner companies with printable documents, slide presentations, business models, videos and other useful files.

The Member Portal is an evolving feature. In time, as we develop new technology activities and take in member feedback, we intend to expand Portal content and features. Look for those changes throughout the summer and beyond.

Also look for a redesigned annual report (mid-July), a streamlined NRTConnects newsletter (planned for Aug. 3), and informational materials and other collateral.

If you would like to let us know what you think about our new look or would like to suggest additional features, please write to

Press Release

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