tv_watchingConnected TV penetration grew by six million more U.S. Internet homes over the past year, bringing the total number with at least one connected TV to 49 million, or 52%, according to research from The NPD Group.

Residents are using a variety of devices to connect their TVs to the Internet – video game consoles, streaming media players, and Blu-ray disc players, for instance – as well as connecting their TVs directly, the market research specialist highlights in a press release. On average, about three such devices (2.9) had been installed in connected TV homes.

More broadly, 734 million connected devices are in use within U.S. Internet homes. That’s an increase of 64 million installed and connected devices over the past year.

Connected TV Penetration
Connected TV Penetration – U.S. Internet Households (Source: NPD Group)

Last November, NPD forecast that 231 million devices capable of delivering apps to TVs will be connected to the Internet by end 2018, an 82% increase from 2014. NPD expects new smart TV and streaming media player connections will be the two primary drivers.

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