Google has a knack for irritating traditional telephone companies, especially with Google Voice (GV). They first irked AT&T, who raised a net neutrality and common carrier argument with the FCC over Google Voice back in 2009. Those actions, along with others, prompted the FCC to inquire with Google about why GV blocked certain rural numbers from their GV product. Now it’s Frontier’s turn to take on GV – this time through a lawsuit citing patent infringement for certain call forwarding features.

Frontier filed the suit in Delaware and seeks an order blocking Google from continuing to offer GV. Frontier also wants monetary damages and compensation for lost revenues. “Google’s deliberate infringement of the patent has greatly and irreparably damaged Frontier,” says Frontier’s lawyers.

Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Not So Fast Google Says Frontier, Suing Over Google Voice

  1. How has it irreparably damaged Frontier? Frontier doesn't offer, and never will offer, service where I live. Heck, they don't serve TONS of places where GV is used.

    If they can justify exactly which feature GV apes that is getting Frontier big bucks across the combined GV-Frontier footprint ehn we're talking…

  2. I seriously doubt that Frontier has been irreparably damaged. This is just another sign of changing times for telecommunications companies.

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