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(NASHVILLE, TN) September 23, 2014– Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems reports that North State, a North Carolina–based provider of fiber Internet, data and entertainment services, has deployed both mediation and fraud management solutions from Equinox Information Systems. Initially, North State selected Equinox’s usage analytics platform, called TeleLink, to extract, enrich, and store their SS7 data for summary reporting and traffic analysis. Based on that project’s success, North State then asked Equinox to deliver a much larger-scale solution to replace an existing legacy mediation system. Leveraging on the existing TeleLink installation, Equinox customized the logic needed for North State to mediate usage records for their CABs and EUB systems. TeleLink provides visibility to all this enriched data, which allows North State to use it for network management, dispute investigation, and customer care functions. In parallel with the mediation project, North State licensed Equinox’s fraud management system, called Protector, to proactively combat fraud, while minimizing losses for themselves and their customers.

“We use SS7 data for a number of tasks, including troubleshooting, validating trading partner carrier usage, and verifying billing,” commented North State’s Switching Services Manager, Robert Myers. “In the past, we performed these tasks using two separate systems. TeleLink not only lets us consolidate these functions into one system, but it also accommodated our very specific mediation requirements, giving us the ability to report and perform usage analytics on the records.”

TeleLink provides essential revenue management, expense management, and network management benefits. The usage analytics system collects raw files, mediates and transforms them into actionable records, and stores the data for in-depth statistical and usage reporting. TeleLink is delivered with a set of pre-configured reports as well as an advanced report creation tool for generating ad hoc reports.

Protector is widely recognized as the industry’s most reliable and affordable tool for combatting telecommunications fraud. The automated fraud management system employs dynamic profiling and proprietary monitoring metrics to identify suspicious activity, ensuring it detects all types of fraud—even the newest schemes. The system also includes an integrated case management and investigation tool.

“Our goal is to help companies protect and optimize their revenue in a reliable and cost-effective manner,” explained Equinox Executive Vice President David West. “We are pleased to assist North State with their reporting and mediation projects and look forward to supporting their fraud mitigation efforts for years to come.”

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