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PETALUMA, CA―September 6, 2011―Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that Polar Communications (Polar), the incumbent local exchange carrier to more than 12,000 subscribers in North Dakota and Minnesota, is now delivering advanced broadband services to its subscribers via a combination of Calix 716GE-I indoor optical network terminals (ONTs) and the B6 Ethernet Service Access Nodes (ESANs). Polar is targeting over 1000 homes in Cavalier, North Dakota, with Active Ethernet technology deployed across the B6 ESAN and terminated inside the subscriber’s home on the 716GE-I. Subscribers will receive ultra high-speed data, advanced IPTV, and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services, delivered via a GENBAND C15 Compact Softswitch (formerly known as the Nortel C1500). Polar’s new deployment demonstrates the success of the integration of the B6 ESAN into the mainstream of the Calix Unified Access portfolio, with the 700GE/GX family of ONTs now being widely deployed in conjunction with B6 ESANs and provisioned using Calix Management System (CMS)Release 11.2.

“Polar is extremely excited to benefit from the now expanded and truly integrated Unified Access portfolio,” said David Dunning, general manager and CEO of Polar. “The combination of being able to leverage our existing C15 Softswitch with the B6 ESAN, which we already have deployed across our network, and benefit from the unique features of the 716GE-I indoor ONT, provides an extremely powerful option for us. The real winners are our member subscribers, who receive a truly compelling broadband services experience across one of the nation’s most advanced broadband infrastructures.”

The integration of the B6 ESANs into the mainstream of the Calix Unified Access portfolio provides extensive new flexibility to Calix B6 customers, who now have access to the industry-leading ONT features, functions, and form factors that are part of the 700GE and 700GX ONT families. With the 716GE-I and Active Ethernet provisioning being integrated into CMS Release 11.2, Calix customers have a common provisioning and management model across the Calix access portfolio. The ability to now support MGCP also allows Calix customers to choose from the full array of VOIP protocols, including SIP, H.248, and MGCP.

“Polar’s deployment of the 716GE-I with the B6 ESAN using CMS 11.2 for ONT provisioning is a monumental validation of our integration efforts,” said Kevin Pope, senior vice president of product development at Calix. “It also offers an initial validation of the promise of the power of bringing together the B6 ESAN with the industry’s leading ONT portfolio, and managing the solution via CMS, which we believe to be the industry’s most powerful access management system. This combination of industry-leading products is proving to be a great fit for Polar, allowing them to bring together an optimal solution for their network – one that we believe will be a winning model for a wide variety of service providers across North America.”

Press Release

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