Nokia Bell researchers have set the world record for the highest single carrier bit rate fiber transmission at 1.52 Terabits per second (Tbps) over 80 km of standard single mode fiber, according to the company.

That speed is the equivalent of simultaneously streaming 1.5 million YouTube videos, and far above the current standard of about 400 Gbps. The highest single-carrier bitrate at 1.52 Tbps was established by employing a new 128 Gigasample/second converter enabling the generation of signals at 128 Gbaud symbol rate and information rates of the individual symbols beyond 6.0 bits/symbol/polarization.

In today’s announcement, Nokia Bell Labs also noted that it has set a new data-rate world record for directly modulated lasers (DML) –with a data rate above 400 Gbit/s for links up to 15 km.

“It has been fifty years since the inventions of the low-loss fiber and the associated optics. From the original 45 Megabit-per-second systems to more than 1 Terabit-per-second systems of today – a more than 20,000-fold increase in 40 years – to create the fundamental underpinning of the internet and the digital societies as we know it,” said Marcus Weldon, Nokia CTO and President of Nokia Bell Labs, in a prepared statement.”

Other milestones recently reached by Nokia Bell Labs, according to a press release, include:

  • The first field trial using spatial-division-multiplexed (SDM) cable over a 2,000km span of 4-core coupled-core fiber was achieved by researchers Roland Ryf and the SDM team.
  • Capacity gains of 23% for submarine cable systems that operate under electrical supply power constraints. The capacity gains were achieved by optimizing the gain shaping filters using neural networks.

Nokia Bell Labs has had success in pioneering new technology in the past, as Telecompetitor has reported.

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