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NOCAs broadband carriers continue down the path to all IP networks, the importance of network operations centers (NOCs) grows. Reaching optimal performance for IP networks is critical as applications like video and the IoT require low latency and high performance, and NOCs give broadband carriers the visibility and management tools they need to achieve it.

Achieving optimal performance also includes ensuring external threats don’t impair the network. Cyber threats are on the rise and they target networks of all types, including carrier networks. According to cyber-attack statistics from Hackmageddon.com, close to 17% of all cyber-attacks worldwide now target Internet service provider networks.

In a cyber-attack, NOCs can make a difference. They can give early warnings of such attacks, prevent them in many cases, or help isolate them to ensure minimal damage to an ISP’s network and its customers. Preventing or minimizing cyber-attacks may justify the expense of a NOC alone.

But there are other benefits as well. They include:

  • Reduce risk and downtime
  • 24×7 monitoring to ensure your network is at optimal performance
  • Proactively identify and resolve issues before they become major problems
  • Troubleshoot, escalate, and resolve network problems
  • Ensure SLA commitments can be met
  • Report server and overall network performance and utilization

Not all service providers can justify their own NOC and that’s given rise to managed NOC service providers or outsourced NOCs. These solutions allow even the smallest of network operator to take advantage of the benefits provided by NOCs.

According to a recent CIO report, 47% of companies who moved from in-house NOCs to a managed service provider saw a 47% increase in network efficiency and reliability and 28% cost savings.

Finley Engineering provides outsourced NOC services and has published the below infographic highlighting some of the many benefits NOCs bring to network service providers.


Finley can evaluate your network situation and offer appropriate NOC solutions. In an all-IP world, NOCs aren’t just a luxury. They are a necessity.


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Image courtesy of flickr user Alan Levine.

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