Pure play VoIP providers like Vonage are getting no love from many industry analysts. Many question whether pure play VoIP service providers can survive in a telco and cable dominated world of triple play bundles. Vonage is of course the poster child of pure play VoIP, but there are numerous others, including SunRocket and Packet8. Pure play VoIP providers say the rumors of their demise are premature. They say future product roll outs including mobility plays will increase their value proposition and ultimately give them a spot at the table. Putting their long term viability aside for a second, companies like Vonage have accomplished some significant feats. Namely, bringing the concept of VoIP to the masses through their costly marketing campaigns. The general public is surely more aware of VoIP and its competitive implications. Will this be the only legacy of Vonage and its brethren?

Read this xChange article for more commentary.

Also, check out this ZDNet blog on the subject.

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