BroadbandVisionBroadband and IP networks have transformed the telecom industry and that same impact is now being felt with the electric power industry as well. Power utility companies are embracing the trend thanks to new technologies like the smart grid and “virtualizing power.” Many electric utilities see an opportunity in providing broadband services as well.

This growing IP impact on the power utility industry is leading to more and better opportunities for collaboration and partnership between the telecom and power industries, especially at the tier 3 level. NISC, a provider of information technology and software solutions to both industries, has a unique perspective on these growing opportunities.

Telecom and Power Utility Synergies
“These rural electrics, for the first time literally since they were started, have a growing need and a growing dependency on broadband,” says NISC president and CEO Vern Dosch in the below BroadbandVision show interview. “That’s where we see the beginning of much larger partnerships that in some cases have evolved into actually deploying fiber in a joint manner.”

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