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Lake Saint Louis, Mo., March 1, 2019 – To better serve its Members, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), a leading provider of software solutions to utility and telecommunication companies, has acquired Electrical Distribution Design, Inc. (EDD).

EDD is a private corporation headquartered in Blacksburg, Va., that provides advanced engineering modeling software and services to the electric utility and related industries.

NISC has been working with EDD for several years, integrating EDD’s analytics into NISC’s Geographic Information System, Outage Management System and Operational Analytics product offerings. EDD’s commercial software product, DEW, stands apart from others in its ability to deliver near real-time operational analytics for electric utilities.

“EDD is a great fit with NISC in both the quality solutions and diligent service they provide their customers,” said Todd Eisenhauer, NISC vice president of Strategy & Operations Solutions. “Driven by new technologies, regulations, and end-user expectations, the utility industry is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. This acquisition will help ensure NISC’s Members are empowered to keep up with that pace by making more-informed decisions at a rate faster than ever before.”

“We feel NISC is a natural fit for EDD,” said Dr. Robert Broadwater, EDD chief technology officer. “We’re excited to combine our technology and years of experience with NISC’s large active community in order to enhance our products to the benefit of all NISC’s Members.”

With the acquisition, EDD and its 15 employees will become a subsidiary of NISC.

Press Release

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