Nielsen revealed some interesting research which highlights the connection between TVs and tablets and smartphones – most tablet and smartphone users interact with their devices while watching TV.

In fact for tablets and smartphones, watching TV is the preferred ‘situational use’ for tablets at 70%, with lying in bed running second at 57%. Commuting is in last at 20%. Let’s hope those commuters who admitted to using tablets ride the train, rather than drive themselves.

For smartphones, TV ranks as the highest situational use as well, at 68%, with ‘waiting for something’ running second at 59%. Attending a meeting ranks last at 23%. Nielsen also looked at eReaders like the Amazon Kindle, and not surprisingly, lying in bed was first at 61%.


Nielsen also looked at the time usage of these connected devices. Findings of note include:

  • Tablet owners said 30 percent of their time spent with their device was while watching TV compared to 21 percent lying in bed.
  • Smartphone owners say that 20 percent of the time they use their smartphones is while watching TV, compared to 11 percent lying in bed.
  • eReader owners indicated only 15 percent of their eReader time was spent watching TV, though they spent a whopping 37 percent of their device usage time in bed.


Image courtesy of flickr user Ben Dodson.

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