Older people, those 25-64, continue to do more ‘traditional TV DVR time-shifting,’ according to Nielsen’s latest “State of Media” report. Older folks used their DVRs to time-shift an average of almost 30 hours a month of TV programming during Q4 2010, Nielsen says.

Twenty-five to 34-year olds time-shifted 22% of all their TV viewing while those 35-49 time-shifted 19%.  Those 50-64 time-shifted 16% of the time.  In contrast, 18-24-year olds time-shifted around 15%, some 19 hours a month.  Those 12-17 time-shifted 18 hours, or 16% of all TV viewing.

Overall, time-shifting increased 17.9% in Q3 2010 and 13.4% in Q4, according to Nielsen.


TV viewing overall increased, as the US averaged 289.2 million TV watchers during Q3, a 1% year-over-year increase.  Those who time-shifted totaled 105.9 million, a 16.7% rise.

The average amount of TV watched by US viewers in Q4 increased year-over-year due to the DVR, Nielsen says, totaling 154 hours per month, a yearly gain of 18 minutes (includes homes regardless of whether they have DVR).  The year-over-year Q3 gain was 90 minutes, as overall TV watching totaled 145 hours a month.

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