Consumer preferences and purchases are shifting, sometimes markedly, quarter to quarter when it comes to choosing a smartphone mobile operating system, according to The Nielsen Co.’s latest monthly survey of US mobile consumers.

Thirty-one percent of consumers planning to buy smartphone have indicated they prefer a Google Android smartphone during the 2011 January-March quarter while 30% indicated their preference for an Apple iOS iPhone and 11% for a RIM Blackberry. These results are a reversal of preferences from the July-September 2010 quarter when 33% indicated their preference for an iPhone, 26% for an Android smartphone and 13% for a RIM Blackberry. Nearly 20% said they were unsure what to buy in the latest survey.

Zooming out to look at the installed base as of March 2011, 37% of survey respondents owned an Android device, 27% an iOS device and 22% a Blackberry device.


Image courtesy of flickr user navonod

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One thought on “Nielsen: Android vs Apple? Consumers are Fickle

  1. After about 15 years of hating cell phones, I now have one that I really like and use constantly. It's a Samsung Captive. I love the Android operating system, and I've had all the others. Good bye Palm and Nokia and Windows Mobile, the worst, and iPhone, never again Apple, and RIM. Android is the future and it's an open opportunity for all.

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