Apple has made a huge splash with the iPad tablet, essentially creating a new mass market segment of portable consumer electronic devices. Competitors were compelled to respond, with Samsung introducing the Galaxy Tab, Motorola the Xoom and, most recently, RIM with the PlayBook.

The consumer tablet buying frenzy begs the question, “How are consumers using them?” Well, while Apple’s iPad continues to dominate, a broader market is developing in the US, according to the latest, mid-Spring research on mobile connected devices and their use from The Nielsen Company.

Among Nielsen’s other findings:

  • About 50% of tablet owners said they were the only ones in their households using their tablet. About 43% said they shared it, and 8% said that while they own one, others are the primary user.
  • Re: Cannibalization…35% of those owned tablets and desktops said they used the latter less than they used to or not all.
  • 32% of tablet and laptop owners said the same.
  • 27% of tablet and e-reader owners said this, as did 27% of tablet and portable media player owners.
  • 25% of tablet and portable game console owners are using the latter less often or not at all since purchasing a tablet.

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