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BERKELEY, Calif. – March 26, 2014 – Newfield Wireless, a Tektronix Communications company and pioneer in next-generation Radio Access Network (RAN) geoanalytics, today announced Nex-Tech Wireless has deployed its TrueCall® platform to support the operator’s LTE network. Nex-Tech is the 10th deployment of Newfield Wireless’ TrueCall® LTE covering a combined total of more than 100 million subscribers.

Nex-Tech Wireless, a Kansas-based regional mobile operator, recently launched its 4G LTE network and a number of new smartphones. The operator first deployed TrueCall for its CDMA network in 2008.

TrueCall is a RAN geoanalytics platform that geolocates and analyzes every subscriber event on the LTE network, capturing and correlating data from the network in real time. With it, Nex-Tech Wireless can:

  • View all its networks one subscriber experience at a time
  • Optimize its CDMA and EVDO networks as the LTE network expands
  • Analyze the impact of new devices on the network
  • Enable customer support representatives to troubleshoot customer experience and device issues based on real-time and historical data
  • Provide more detailed data to performance engineers after support calls to address the root cause of subscribers’ issues
  • Improve subscriber experience
  • Reduce network engineering and optimization costs

”TrueCall has helped our operations to improve subscriber experience and reduce cost of customer retention and network optimization,” said Jon Lightle, CEO of Nex-Tech Wireless. “We began utilizing TrueCall LTE prior to the launch of 4G LTE services to make sure that we are on top of delivering the assured experiences to our subscribers from day one.”

In February 2014, Newfield Wireless announced TrueCall can now benefit 90 percent of LTE networks worldwide with its integrated support of nearly all major vendor network-technology combinations.

“TrueCall is a dynamic real-time tool for network optimization that will help smooth Nex-Tech Wireless’ transition to a new LTE network,” said Marc Bensadoun, CEO of Newfield Wireless, a Tektronix Communications company. “Our platform will enable Nex-Tech Wireless to closely monitor cell site and device performance, respond to unexpected service changes and diagnose and troubleshoot subscriber concerns, among many other use cases.”

Bensadoun is speaking at 10am March 28 at International Wireless Communications Expo 2014 in Las Vegas.

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