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ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nexstar Media Group, the largest local broadcast station owner in the nation, is threatening to black out DISH customers’ access to 164 local channels in 120 markets across 42 states and the District of Columbia. The broadcast giant is trying to use its market power to demand unreasonable rate increases while intentionally using millions of Americans as pawns in their negotiations. This action by Nexstar would result in consumers being blacked out from the highest number of local broadcast stations in the nation’s TV history.

In recent years, Nexstar went on a $12 billion local broadcast station buying spree to become the largest and most powerful station owner in the country. Now that Nexstar is the biggest in the industry, it is trying to strong-arm companies like DISH to pay outrageous rates and force unprecedented increases onto customers. The broadcaster continues to threaten to blackout its stations from DISH customers to gain negotiation leverage in an effort to line its wallet with viewers’ hard-earned money — a tactic it used last year against DirecTV and AT&T U-verse.

“Since becoming the nation’s largest local station owner, Nexstar has increased its annual revenue by $1 billion a year. Now, it has set its sights on DISH customers as their next big payday,” said Brian Neylon, Group President, DISH TV. “Nexstar is demanding more than $1 billion in fees for its television channels. This shocking increase is the highest we’ve ever seen. Nexstar is intentionally turning its back on its public interest obligation and instead demanding consumers pay significantly more for the channels they could receive for free over-the-air.”

Nexstar is also forcing DISH to carry WGN America as part of this deal, a channel that has experienced declining viewership in recent years. Nexstar acquired this channel when it bought Tribune last year. Now, the broadcast owner is looking to DISH customers to pay back this investment. Nexstar is demanding a significant payment for this low-rated channel that airs syndicated reruns found on other DISH stations and features a news program that can be accessed for free online.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect the nation and unemployment on the rise, subscribers need access to their local programming,” said Neylon. “Nexstar’s tactics are hurting millions of Americans at one of the most difficult times in recent history.”

In an additional hit to customers, Nexstar announced that it is expecting to pay out over $100 million to its shareholders — this is the same money Nexstar is making on the backs of Americans nationwide.

“It’s our goal to reach an agreement with Nexstar that is fair for all parties involved, especially our customers,” added Neylon. “We will continue to fight on behalf of our customers to keep TV bills as low as possible, and we hope Nexstar sees how important it is to come to a deal that is beneficial for all.”

DISH customers can visit for more information.

Press Release

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26 thoughts on “Nexstar Media Group Threatens Largest Local Station Blackout in TV History, According to DISH

  1. What do you think you are doing? Does your greed know no bounds? I am elderly and tv is all I have. I am already paying more than I can afford.

    1. You may be able to add an over the air antenna and scan and receive free local channels (even in HD) as well as have cable. That’s what I have done using a flat plastic antenna (Winegard) I tape to the window (along with cable on the same TV just switching the source). It provided the best result and more portable option. Local channels over the air in some places have even more options because they offer free subchannels (e.g., 9, 9.1, 9.2) programming (even PBS had subchannels). I have over 100 free oldies but goodies and the regular networks. I also use AirPlay from my phone or tablet to cast over a streaming version to the TV screen (like AARP Movies for Grownups). It is simpler than you imagine.

  2. Nexstar executives: I am requesting that you continue our local station programming while your negotiations with DISH continue. You have to be aware of what uncertainty most people are feeling right now. For the last nine months, our lives have been turned upside down. Our travel has been limited; visits with friends and family have been discouraged. Many people have lost their livelihoods. You have the opportunity to renew some faith in human kind by putting others needs above your wants.

  3. Nexstar,
    Please do continue to discontinue local programing as soon as possible. For years since the invent of cable, now satelite service, the american public has been used as pawns. Your continued persuit of better stock market returns on investments has left me as a consumer to really not care! It’s time that all of the tv service providers be called out for outrageous pricing. Please go away, myself and likely others have lost intrest in your power plays using the end users as pawns to “complain” about your intent to threat the general public.
    Rest in peace Nexstar, Dish I won’t be needing you either.

  4. You greedy TV station owners will force people to stop paying for viewing their local channels! It is already so expensive and with the cost of living and taxes going up, many will have to choose between tv and necessities.

  5. Sadly, another case of Corporate greed at it’s finest. The cell providers do it, and the cable TV, station owners like Nexstar take it to another level, and this is why sometimes you need Government oversight to step in and put a halt to it, as once again Big corp is not self-policing they are out for the next way to gouge Americans, jut remember when the well runs dry you caused it.

    1. you know why they do it?
      Because stupid people keep paying for it.
      Its not just nextstar. they are all involved.
      we pay 120.00 a month for 8 hours a day of advertisements and reruns over and over.
      cable and satelite cant seem to figure out why we cut the cord. Well that is it.
      As soon as my contract is up i am done with dish.
      this happens every year at football season.

  6. This is so very wrong. People are struggling for food, jobs, small businesses are at risk, Families stuck at home, and all u are worried about is more $$$ In a pandemic, $ is your top priority? Shame on you!!!!..Please let people have some sanity in their lives now, even if its only a few tv shows. This cbs is where all the kids programming is for Christmas, and u are depriving them of this, in this horrific time we are in.This is outrageous…

    1. Fu nexstar u have no compassion for the little people.. I lost my husband this year as well as two uncles. This year sucks and you have the audacity to want more money for us peons. Take your money and geeed and shove it up your a$$

  7. You are taking advantage of a terrible time to up your cost. This is a time when most people do not even have a job. This is outrageous on your part. I am a senior and have very little mone. I have just renewed my dish. If they have to go to a higher rate
    I will have to stop all tv and go to one of the cheaper systems. I have been a dish customer for nine years. And I would have to drop them. Your asking price for CBS is unbelievable. CBC is the most popular channel for now. I can not believe you are doing this with what’s going on in the world!

  8. This is getting ridiculous!!! You took off Fox a long time ago and now you are after ABC. Why don’t you consider the little people instead of your GREED!!!!

  9. Nexstar, Dish & Cable needs to get it together. This is ridiculous. This capitalism has got to go. You all make big time monies from you already high cost now your having a cost war. For What? So you can get richer. I so have had enough of all of these companies. It’s bullshit.

  10. You are raising your prices during a pandemic when most people are already having trouble paying bills. How greedy are you. This is the only entertainment a lot of people have . You are ridiculous and very self centered only carrying about you getting richer. Sickening.

  11. Please keep local channels available to Dish customers. Local news is very important to me, especially in this time of trying to stay at home as much as possible. Seems like we have to listen to many more minutes of commercials than previously plus paying monthly bill.

  12. Where is the FCC & the USA Government Power? who in the past have come to the rescue of the American people when a “Monopoly” seemed to be in control? Any Company that operates in the United States should not have the power to interrupt the lives of the citizens of this Country. As a young man I was around when TV began broadcasting all stations for “free” to all who had a TV & antenna, which to us at that time was a big expense alone, and now today we are forced to have either specialized technical equipment, and the ability to make it work, to circumvent this existing 21st Century TV Programming, or being required to have the funds available to pay almost exorbitant monthly fee’s, to even receive the power source required internet service, with even the minimum of selection’s, of which 90% is not worth watching. I think it is fair to say Nexstar Media Group has a Monopoly which needs to be stopped, or at least controlled by FCC to not deprive our USA citizens of any available channels we have or are already paying for through our agreements with our Internet Supplier. This is like the Mob collecting protection money from businesses of the past, to avoid knees from being broken. Please someone that can help stop this Nexstar greed that is driven by the un-holy dollar. MTM Florida

  13. Nextstar, Greed for more money in a time of a pandemic is ridiculous. I changed for Directv last summer because of your greed to block a local ABC channel. All about money.

    1. sure thing there comrade. wait until those big companies like nexstar, dish, direct, at&t, verizon get their man in there. Why do you think they dumped billions of dollars into the Biden campaign? it sure wasn’t because they are looking out for you and your pocket book. Keep drinking the cool aid.
      And since you brought politics into this name me one thing Biden has done in 40 plus years in office to make your life better.
      Trump 2020
      It ain’t over til its over

  14. How dare you!!! Your greed exceeds all. Have you not heard of the 7 deadly sins? Greed is one of them and you should be ashamed. I work hard for what I get. My bill keeps going up and up. I don’t know how much longer I can afford it. You are doing nothing but forcing cable providers to raise service prices that are already to high. I pray that you see the evil of your ways.

      Why would they dump billions into the democrats campaigns if that were going to happen?
      Hint: Not happening
      How do you think these politicians make their money?
      Hint 2: Burisma oil
      How do you think amazon doesn’t pay taxes?
      Hint 3: Tax loopholes to protect their shady investments.

      If you need more info feel free to ask.
      On a side note people complain about their taxes, infrastructure and corruption and keep voting same old politicians into office expecting something different.
      Keep drinking the coolaid.

  15. I can’t believe u are being so GREEDY, some of can barely afford the cable already. So I’m going to have give up my satilight and get a antenna so I can watch my local channels. With what we are going through, u would more caring. I have already been without kolr10 channel for 3 months, now u took 2 more. I will leaving the satilight. U should ne ashamed for holding our station HOSTAGE. Give us our channel back

  16. If every single person who is not happy with Nexstar would boycott their sponsors, you would cost them money through lost sponsorship. Hit them where it hurts!!! Email Mr Soot Nexstar CEO

  17. Nexstar is simply making a move to knockout it’s competition. In doing so they create a monopoly. At that point, with no competitors, they set their prices as they want. We either pay their price or go without. I believe this is illegal. Call your U S representatives and express your opinion.

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