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October 5, 2017 — Germantown, NY – As G-Tel presses forward with an aggressive fiber expansion into new areas of the Hudson River Valley of New York, the decision was made to switch to the Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware service. According to General Manager Jason Shelton, as the company is in growth mode they wanted a middleware solution that would positively influence the experience for the staff and customers at G-Tel.

Shelton says he is appreciative of the complete turnaround with regards to the amount of support and information that comes from Innovative Systems. He adds, “We went from virtually no contact with our previous vendor to being almost bombarded, in a good way, with information about this service.”

Subscription Model Favors Small Operators
Shelton says, “Paying for a service like this based on subscriber counts really allows us to provide our rural customers a big city, big cable experience that fits our growth plan very well as we will be ramping up to five rural cable franchises.” Shelton went on to say that because of the capital expenses related to their fiber expansion the Innovative Systems subscription program was a great fit for their company.

Press Release

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