The newest Verizon LTE in Rural America partner, Convergence Technologies Inc (CTI), is the first non-traditional rural telco or rural wireless carrier to join the program. The move indicates Verizon is open to partnering with different kinds of companies to expand their rural 4G footprint, not just traditional rural wireless companies and rural telcos.

CTI is a unique company. They operate a wireline and fixed wireless CLEC operation through small town and rural Indiana and Illionois. But they also are involved in a variety of other businesses, including a payment processing service called IP Pay.

Their CLEC provides broadband network services to over 3,500 current business customers. “4G mobile broadband represents the logical next evolution of CTI’s business strategy,” a press release announced.

Like all Verizon rural LTE partners, CTI will lease 700 Mhz spectrum to build a rural 4G LTE network in rural areas of Indiana where Verizon does not plan to operate. CTI plans to “…leverage portions of CTI’s recent $18 million Broadband Stimulus Project to bring advanced 4G wireless services to underserved rural communities throughout Illinois and Indiana.”  They will operate this network within the IN-5 Cellular Market Area, covering over 750,000 POPs across Illinois and Indiana.



They also intend to leverage their IP Pay product line with this 4G network. “CTI plans to capitalizing on this by combining its 4G mobile carrier assets with its IP Pay payments platform, currently processing over $500 million in annual volume, to develop a mobile payments solution to address a market projected to exceed $280 billion in North America by 2014,” says CTI CEO Charles Wu in a press release.

All previous Verizon Rural LTE partners were either traditional rural wireless providers or telcos (or affiliated with them). That list includes Custer Telephone, Carolina West Wireless, S and R Communications, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellcom, Cross Wireless, Pioneer Cellular, Strata Networks and Thumb Cellular. CTI makes the tenth partner to join the program, and from my perspective, the most interesting, to date anyway.

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One thought on “New Verizon Rural LTE Partner Adds a Different Twist

  1. Does this mean that a customer of Verizon would be able to use their Verizon iPad on the partner's cellphone system? Currently this is not possible, at least on their Rural LTE partner Pioneer Cellular's 3G system, one cannot use a Verizon iPad on this system right now. I found this out after purchasing one. Verizon is theoretically able to roam on Pioneer's system, albeit not at 3G speeds even though Pioneer's entire system is 3G. My shiny new iPad was useless in Pioneer's area, and since Verizon has no plans to ever build its own system in this area I took it back and got the AT&T model, which I am able to use on CellularOne's system here. Only at EDGE speeds since none of CellularOne is 3G, but at least it's better than nothing.

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