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Champaign, IL – Communications Data Group (CDG) is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its newly named OSS/BSS platform, Elements, for managing and invoicing subscriber, enterprise, wholesale, and carrier services. The Elements platform unifies all the components that comprise CDG’s existing Modularity Billing System (MBS), BDS-I, and Mediation products and provides a singular architecture for developing and deploying new elements, such as AI-driven customer service chatbots, operational awareness tools, and generative Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

“When MBS and BDS-I, formerly known as CDG CABS, were originally created decades ago, they were designed and delivered in different environments,” remarked CDG’s CTO, Tony Stout. “CDG is undergoing a complete transformation in how we develop and deliver our platform solutions. The MBS and BDS-I systems are now being aligned on a single architecture platform through our strategic transition to AWS and the transformation of BDS-I to a two-tier web application. MBS and BDS-I already share existing elements, like Mediation, Business Intelligence, and Reporting that cross the original product environment boundaries, and our new generative AI-powered solutions will have applications for both subscriber and carrier services, so unifying their branding around the platform was a logical step from both a development and marketing perspective.”

CDG’s CEO, Jason Dandridge, added “Our vision is to revolutionize the telecommunications industry by creating operator-driven, innovative, open architecture solutions that empower service providers and carriers to deliver exceptional services to their customers. We have evolved beyond being just a billing provider for telecom services and CABS, and the Elements platform represents the next stage in our journey to develop and deploy the best cloud-based, SaaS-delivered OSS/BSS platform in the market for service providers and carriers offering retail and wholesale broadband, data, utility, and interconnect services.”

Branding rollout for the Elements platform and decommissioning of the MBS and BDS-I brands will take place over the next several months.

Press Release

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